Benny Johnson The Left Can't Meme

Parler has become a popular destination for comedy as it has become obsolete elsewhere. The Left Can’t Meme is a comedy series debuting exclusively on Parler every Friday at 2 PM/ET. Hosted by TV news and social media personality, Benny Johnson, the show is devoted to uplifting the work of internet creators and ridiculing the powerful.

“The American people need to laugh now more than ever in this apocalyptic political environment. If you’re not laughing, you’re losing,” explains Benny Johnson, adding, “Comedy is still legal on Parler, and we’re proud to partner with a free speech platform that supports creators.” 

The Left Can’t Meme series will continue with new episodes. Prior and future episodes of this meme culture comedy show can be found exclusively on our free speech social media platform.

Previous Episodes of The Left Can’t Meme

To continue watching the series, download the Parler app on Google Play or the App Store. Follow @bennyjohnson to access future episodes.