Died Suddenly News on Parler

Tiago Henriques was not a controversial figure. As an artificial intelligence programmer, he traded in the Forex markets, using his programming skills to make predictions with his software. But when the Covid-19 vaccines were rolled out in 2021, he started noticing vaccine injuries in his local area in Canada. Henriques said of the events, “You know, I thought that was a little suspicious. Then I heard of a 23-year-old guy who had a heart attack, about 10 minutes after he took the vaccine.”

With this, his curiosity piqued, and Henriques began speaking with other locals about adverse vaccine effects in his town of Sydney and neighboring North Sydney. He describes meeting one 37-year-old male who took the vaccine, recalling that “Within minutes his life was destroyed. He couldn’t stop shaking. I saw it with my own eyes. So I decided to start a Facebook group to see if I was the only one seeing these kind of things in my local area.” Henriques named the group Died Suddenly News.

Facebook and Vaccine “Misinformation”

The Facebook group took off with thousands of people joining to tell their stories. Because of Facebook’s censorship, the members had to speak in code language. Rather than saying vaccine, they would use a carrot emoji as a substitute. But their subterfuge was noticed by the BBC, who published an article in September 2022 about Died Suddenly News and their coded language. In the article, the BBC discussed how they had contacted Meta about the group, prompting its removal. At the time, the group had over 300,000 members. 

In a statement, Meta said, “We have removed this group for violating our harmful misinformation policies and will review any other similar content in line with this policy. We continue to work closely with public health experts and the UK government to further tackle Covid vaccine misinformation.”

Not deterred by Facebook’s actions, Henriques started a new Died Suddenly News group, which quickly reached 170,000 members. The new group was canceled at the end of October 2022. Also canceled at that time was the backup group Henriques created which had no content – it was seemingly removed just for its name. Henriques said, “There wasn’t a single post there, nothing, and it was just a backup group in case they canceled the my main group. They were both canceled on the same day – gone.” 

The only communication Henriques received was a notice that he had violated the terms of service agreement. He said of the interaction, “They didn’t say anything else. They didn’t say we’ll get back to you in seven days. You have a right to appeal. Nothing. Zero. It’s just one line. You violated the terms of service of the Facebook community and that’s it.” 

Luckily, Henriques had archived all the posts, ensuring the members’ stories were not lost.

When asked about the recent calls for a Covid “amnesty,” Henriques was clear about how he felt, saying, “Hell no. No way. They injured and hurt people on purpose and to this day they’re still hurting people with mandates and making forcing them to take these vaccines for their work.”

Died Suddenly News Finds Uncancelable Home

Discontent with being subjected to repeated cancelation from Big Tech, Henriques is bringing Died Suddenly News to Parler. He plans to echo parleys about vaccine adverse reactions, encouraging people who want to share their stories to use the hashtag #DiedSuddenlyNews and to tag his account @TiagoHenriques. He described his role saying, “I’m just there as a person who’s almost conducting an orchestra, bringing all these people together, bringing all the victims to Parler, everyone sharing these stories in real time, you know? And I think it’s important that platforms like Parler exist. It’s incredible how much they [Big Tech] are trying to hide all this.” 

You can join the conversation, hear others’ stories, and share your own by following @TiagoHenriques on Parler.