Dogs of Parler hashtag

Pets seem to universally bring us all together – in particular, dogs. Dogs bring us joy, make us laugh, and provide us comfort after a long day.  

And this week, man’s best friend is getting a little extra love on Parler. Users showcased their furry friends on Parler feeds across the globe. Whether it’s a dog enjoying the snow or a puppy enjoy a nap, Parler users know how to showcase their pets.  

See some of our favorites shared and join in by sharing your pet photos using #DogsofParler.

1: Lio Giving Some Side-Eye to the Camera 

2: Rocking the Doggie Sweatshirt:  

3: Denver enjoying his snow booties in the Rockies 

4: Pug Pals Wally and Mollie

 5: Zippy Enjoying Some Zs