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Our current society is obsessed with pushing national months or days such as National Women’s History Month. I’m sure we could get into the technicalities of the reason behind National Women’s History Month but, quite honestly, I do not care. 

Men do not get a month dedicated to them, so why should women? I honestly believe that modern day feminism has ruined America and made women’s lives harder than they ever needed to be. While I appreciate the opportunity to make money for myself while I am not married, I do not look forward to the day when I must continue to work once I am. I’m not thanking the women in history for making that possible. Instead, I wish it was still the time when people got married younger and women got to work in the home and raise children. I understand that time has progressed, and all jokes aside, I am thankful that women can work outside the home if they choose. All I am simply saying is women in history and in today’s world have taken the efforts for equal rights too far. 

If women want to be equal to men, fine. They must sign up for the draft. They do not get maternity leave. They are expected to work insane hours and not prioritize their family. And most fittingly, they do not get a month dedicated to highlighting important people of their specific gender.

Women's History Month

During National Women’s History Month people are highlighting many monumental efforts that pushed women into the society that we currently live in. I love that women can partake in athletics, have a job if they choose, and even drive. But, in women’s effort to be equal to men, they have continually put men down and acted as if men are lesser than women. While trying to be equal, they divided our genders. They pushed women to the front of our society and suppressed men turning them into weak little beta boys who cave to what society says they must be. We dedicate a whole month to empowering women in history, some of which did great things. If we are going to have a month dedicated to women, then we need to have the same for men. I am sick and tired of hearing women say that they want to be equal to men, but they are not willing to give men the same rights that they have.  

Women can choose to have an abortion, men cannot. Women can choose careers such as a babysitter or nanny without people ever questioning their motives, men are often frowned upon or even insinuated to be creeps. Women can choose to stay home if they desire, but if a man made that decision, people often call them lazy and a bum for not providing for their family.   

So, fine, if we want to give women the same rights as men, then we must give men the same rights as women. We must give do so without judgment, hate, questions or anything that would make men feel lesser than for their choices. Since that is how women want to be treated when they get to choose, then that is how men should be treated.  

Modern day feminism has truly ruined what it means to be a woman. We should be celebrating women who stayed home to raise their children and tend to their home. We should be celebrating women who encouraged men while also advocating for their rights as a woman. Ultimately, we should have a month dedicated to celebrating men. If women cannot agree on having a month dedicated for all the amazing men in our history, then we must get rid of Women’s History Month. If women want equality, then they must provide that for both genders, not just theirs.