Jordan Peterson Joins Parler

Acclaimed author and professor, Jordan Peterson, is no stranger to Big Tech censorship. Peterson, a free speech champion, has joined Parler, the world’s premier free speech social media platform.

Known for his engaging commentary on a wide range of fundamental cultural issues, Peterson is a welcomed voice to the platform.

“I’m going to be experimenting with the Parler platform to see what opportunities for truthful and uncensored exchange it offers,” Peterson said. “I understand that their policy is that no lawful communication will ever be subject to censor. Commitment to such a policy in this time of accelerating cancel culture has become of paramount importance.”

Like Parler, Peterson is no stranger to censorship by Big Tech and universities. Courageously sharing his views, even when they challenge the mainstream narrative, Peterson has faced online bans, tour cancelations, and the threat of losing his university appointment and clinical practice.

Peterson recently resigned as a fully tenured professor at the University of Toronto, after years of being targeted for his stance on controversial issues. Parler is proud to provide a platform where Peterson, a gifted educator, can offer his refreshing, clear, unfiltered commentary to curious thinkers.

Parler CEO, George Farmer, welcomes Peterson to the platform where freedom of ideas is thriving.

“I am excited to announce Jordan’s arrival on Parler,” Farmer said. “He is truly one of a kind. Jordan’s incredible intellect and academic background, along with his commonsense approach to free speech mark him out as one of the intellectual heavyweights in the current age. We are thrilled to see him embrace the Parler platform.”

About Parler Inc.  

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