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Parler has announced plans to expand our portfolio to include decentralized technology projects, including NFT marketplaces. Known primarily for being a free speech social media platform, we’ve assembled a team of industry veterans with extensive experience in the development and management of blockchain to support the growth of digital assets.

With this move, we’re embracing Web3 and demonstrating our commitment to being a first mover amongst social media companies in this sphere.

Parler CEO, George Farmer stated, “no company has been more punitively damaged than Parler by Big Tech, and we, as a business, are now seeking to be an early-stage investor and operator in the Web3 movement: user, not owner, operated.” 

NFT Platforms Powered by Parler

Melania Trump NFT website

We’ve already demonstrated our first steps in this field by assisting in the buildout of the NFT platform for Melania Trump. Parler is providing programming, crypto, and operational infrastructure support.  

Melania Trump’s NFT platform allows buyers to purchase digital and physical assets. Our proven dedication to security and privacy provides a robust backbone, alongside our full-stack operational capacities.

According to Parler CEO, George Farmer, “entering the NFT space is a perfect fit for Parler. We have the experience, technical capabilities, and framework to expand into this field.” 

Fueled by widespread public outcry to break up Big Tech and Big Government, we will continue building our digital offering with an NFT pipeline that builds communities and fosters creativity while furthering our commitment to free speech and security.

About Parler Inc.

Parler has a bold vision to make freedom of expression, security, and privacy a reality through social media and blockchain technology. Over 16 million users have chosen Parler as their social media platform to protect against the authoritarian powers of Big Tech, Big Government, and cancel culture. Parler uses the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution as a guide, making it possible for people to speak freely without fear of being suspended or labeled ‘dangerous’ and banned. Parler is the public town hall where everyone is welcome. Founded in 2018, Parler is based in Nashville, TN, and has a global reach. To learn more, visit and follow @Parler.