Parents helping their son with his homework at home in living room.

Drag shows in schools, vaccine and mask mandates, and lack of real education for children are all reasons, among many more, that we are seeing families choosing to homeschool. Parents are tired of their children being fed woke propaganda. Schools have no right to teach children anything other than core subjects (reading, math, science, history) and critical thinking skills, fundamentals of a traditional educational curriculum. I believe that homeschool is a major key in preventing children from being brainwashed into specific ideologies, especially political and religious (or anti-religious) ideologies. 

There are substantial statistics tending to prove that many parents are done with public and private schools. By 2020 the number of children homeschooled jumped 63 percent, according to Ideastream Public Media. “In May of 2021, the US Census Bureau reported one in every 12 students in America was homeschooled,” according to ABC 7 News. The numbers show that homeschooling is on the rise, and I know there are many factors affecting parents’ decisions, some of which I have experienced myself.  

While in high school, my English teacher asked each student’s view on an issue that would determine their political affiliation. In that moment I knew I could either answered the question and out my views to all my peers and my teacher or I could stand up for my right of privacy. So, I explained to him that I was not interested in answering the question due to it exposing my political stance in an environment in which I did not believe it was necessary. Unbeknownst to him, I had previously experienced false grading and harsh treatment from another school due to my political and religious views. I knew what I stood for and the price that I had to pay when it came to that. But someone who was simply in my life to teach me how to write and speak was not someone who needed to know my personal beliefs. I knew based on my previous school experiences that sharing my views with teachers would sometimes put a target on my back and did affect my grades, something which should never happen.

Students should be able to write papers and join clubs that align with their views without experiencing negative repercussions, especially as a result of teachers calling them out in front of their peers and thereby pressuring them to adopt the teacher’s own personal views. Teachers are paid to educate, not to push their personal beliefs onto the students that walk in their doors. Not surprisingly, many people, including the students themselves, believe that today’s students are not being educated properly. “A recent Career and College Readiness survey showed that less than half of high school students feel academically ready for college,” according to Calvert Education. Parents used to trust teachers to simply educate, and the fact that they no longer do is the big shift in education pushing parents to homeschool. No good parent is asking for school systems to indoctrinate their children. Developing children’s beliefs, particularly in politics and religion (unless the child is attending a private religious school), is a parent’s job.  

I grew up with a lot of children who were homeschooled, and I honestly never understood why until recently. Homeschooling allows the parents to be in control of how their child is being treated and taught. Parents can prevent their first graders from being ambushed by drag queens, prevent forced experimental vaccines being injected in their children, and prevent their girls from being convinced they are boys, simply because they are good at sports (or vice-versa). Parents should be in control of what their children are being exposed to, and homeschooling allows for this. While that may seem controlling or dictatorial like, maybe the fact that nearly a quarter of teenagers have viewed pornography at school might change your perspective. 

Homeschooling does take time. This can be a challenge, especially if both parents are working or if it is a one-parent household. But with homeschooling on the rise, there are many options for parents who cannot personally teach their child, such as home school groups. Many parents are choosing this route for their children, and I have lots of respect for them because it is already tough being a parent, and adding the responsibility of being your child’s educator on top of it is a big sacrifice. But it is a choice that is worth it, especially in the current state of our world. It is the job of parents to protect their children and unfortunately that means protecting them from the corrupt school system and educators.  

Parler was created to stand up for free thought and expression, and I think that this is an opportunity for parents to use their God given right to free speech and stand up for their children. Now is the time to use your voice as a parent. Inform yourself about what your children are learning in school. Ask questions and challenge the school system if you do not agree with what they are doing. Protect your children, even if that means removing them from the system entirely and homeschooling them yourself.