Parler's Midterm Election Content Policy

As we enter the final months before the 2022 midterm elections, Big Tech has signaled its continued commitment to influencing the outcome under the guise of protecting users from misinformation, malinformation, and disinformation. At Parler, we remain true to our First Amendment principles and allow candidates, their campaigns, and news organizations to speak without fear of censorship or suppression.

Parler CEO George Farmer stressed the commitment to free speech stating, “While Big Tech attempts to impact the election results, banning opinions and topics they feel hurt their preferred candidates, Parler remains resolute in the protection of free speech. The health of our Republic depends on a well-informed voting population, and we are the premier destination for all viewpoints.” 

Parler does not control candidates, influencers, or users but maintains a digital town square where all 1A protected speech is welcome. Parler users will have complete information available to them to make educated decisions and be able to research the election issues which matter most to them.