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Project Veritas, the leading producer of investigative journalism today?

Project Veritas, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

I do not remember exactly when I first heard of Project Veritas, but I remember their first video I ever watched was an expose on Planned Parenthood. That video led me to follow them through the years and keep up with what they were doing as undercover investigative journalists. After viewing numerous stories from whistleblowers and true investigative journalism, I believe that Project Veritas is the leading producer of investigative journalism today. 

Whether you’re also a longtime fan of Project Veritas, or have only heard of their work more recently, I think you will enjoy checking out what are, in my opinion, the five best videos they’ve produced so far:  


Human trafficking is undoubtedly one of the most pressing issues today, particularly in the United States. There are flaws in our system which not only allowing human trafficking to happen but also helping it occur. This video by Project Veritas demonstrates how our government is knowingly aiding human trafficking. I never really understood the details of sponsorship and immigration until I started to look further into things and this video was released. I feel that people are upset at a lot of the things that immigration has caused but also have not stopped to think about the other side including the children who are being affected. We need strictly enforced rules of immigration to help protect children, from being trafficked and more generally, and this video shows why. 


My fourth favorite video is one which features two Facebook. I really enjoyed the setup of this video, it being more of an interview style than multiple examples and undercover work. In these compelling interviews, we learn from the whistleblowers themselves, not only why they came forward, but also the significance of bringing their revelations to the public. One of my favorite things from this video was learning that many Facebook employees, approximately 25 percent, agree on similar things as the whistleblower does when it comes to how the vaccine and COVID itself should be discussed on social media sites such as Facebook. It was enlightening to hear that people within Facebook do not like what is going on, but it is also scary to see how far the company has gone to suppress information and opinions which challenge “approved” narratives. There are many things in this video that I could try and describe but could not do the justice. I believe that this one specifically truly stands up against big tech and the power hold it has over free speech. This is a definite listen especially if you are passionate about free speech. 


My third favorite video is a little more unconventional for Project Veritas. While other on this list feature exposes of companies and people, this is more of a behind the scenes. We see James O’Keefe, founder of project Veritas, confronting a man they had just investigated, a Pfizer employee. The man got very upset that he had been recorded during a date with one of the undercover journalists and went crazy on the crew. The video is not only is it a great preview of the Pfizer expose itself, but it is also just good comedy, and it gives you a taste of what the crew on Project Veritas must deal with daily to expose the truth. 


This video made the list because it shows another journalist trying to expose the truth but being silenced by a massive news conglomerate. Amy Robach, ABC news anchor, had gathered lots of evidence, including interviews, concerning the Jeffrey Epstein case, years before it was ever a major story. She wanted to air her findings, but ABC News shelved it all, hiding it from the public. She was understandably upset when the news about the case finally started to come out on other outlets, because she had known about it first. I believe that this is important because it really does go to show how there are journalists trying to make a difference and spread the truth, but they are being prevented from doing so by their employers. 


My absolute favorite video from Project Veritas was an expose about a California teacher who was not only a member of Antifa, but who also openly promoted the organization in his classroom! I find it outrageous that teachers can display such things as posters of dictators or the Antifa flag without any repercussions from the school system. This video truly shows the corruption within schools and what teachers can get away with. This truly brought a lot of insight into school systems, while it may be an extreme case, it is something that you should watch. This man truly wanted to push his beliefs onto the students and would do anything to have them on his side, which he explains in the video. This teacher is incredibly corrupt and disgusting for what he has done to these students, it is simply not his place to push these beliefs onto students. A definite must see. 

I hope that these videos have inspired you to check out others available on Project Veritas website. This organization is dedicated to bringing you the truth, no matter what the repercussions may be. We need to support other companies that believe in free speech and standing up for the rights of others and Project Veritas is a company that does just that.