One of my favorite things about social media has been the creation of memes. After a long day sometimes all I want to do is laugh and that is when I go to my favorite meme accounts and just scroll. I will preface this by saying that the memes I am about to share with you will expose me, but honestly, I am okay with that if at least one of them brings you laughter today. With that said, please continue reading this article to find my top 10 favorite memes at this moment.  

As of right now this is for sure my favorite meme on the Internet. I do not know if it is the cross between incredibly relatable and pure comedy but something about this hit way too personal in my life lol. 

I put this as my second favorite meme for two reasons. First, this dog is honestly such a mood within herself through the way she is chilling in the chair and the chaos of her hair. The second thing is really throwing shade at myself, but yes, in fact I do argue. As anyone who works for Parler might, I have some strong opinions, so I end up getting into a lot of arguments.  

Unfortunately, this meme hits home all too well. I will say balancing a job, family, friends, and just life in general can be incredibly hard sometimes. I would rather laugh about my current situation instead of being mad or annoyed. So, I appreciate when my friends send me memes such as this during hard days. I always say laughing and joking are my coping mechanisms. 

I never truly understood the importance or even meaning of a dependent until I started filing taxes. I would always hear people joking about their dog being a dependent and wanting to file them on their taxes and I can officially say that I am now on board. I am convinced Princess Fufu, my dog, is sometimes more expensive than an actual child. Between the numerous vet appointments, boojie food, and of course all her outfits I believe that she should be able to be a dependent on my taxes. This meme was too personal not to share. 

I probably laughed at this meme harder than I should have but I honestly love it. We all know a person who falls asleep during movies or TV shows and that is me. I will gladly take that badge of honor. 

I understand this is a bit aggressive, but I need everyone to relax. Comedy is not for everybody, especially the Karens. Obviously, I would never throw a rock at somebody—I am not a 2-year-old—but this is pure gold comedy and I am sure we have all felt anger or even annoyance so deep we have laughed at something like this at one point. 

I love annoying my boyfriend. Honestly, I know he loves me more because I am very sarcastic, and I know how to annoy him incredibly well. But that annoyance and sarcasm is not normally as well received by me as it is by him. There are days or even weeks when I love being annoyed by him, but other times, I literally want to go crazy. So, this meme was very personal and just relatable. Also, Jack from Incredibles 2 is one of my favorite characters of all time. 

It took an awfully long time to find a man who truly loves sarcasm and can withstand being roasted by his own girlfriend. As a result, I may have roasted a few too many men and they did not receive it very well. I grew up with three brothers, it is a very natural instinct of mine to just roast somebody, and it is very hard to tame that.  

LOL. I honestly do not have much to say except I am sure all of you ladies have been here at some point. The pure annoyance in our tone but also unrealistic mindset out of spite.  

I mean come on; this is just a stage of life that I am sure everybody has been in. Everyone saying you are doing great, push through, and all these fantastic encouraging words and yet you are over here struggling to continue, let alone take care of yourself. For some it may turn out to be super depressing or super comical, which is normally my case. This was just relatable, and I simply love it. 

I hope you all enjoyed seeing some of my current favorite memes. This was such a lighthearted article to write and honestly it really exposed who I am. I would love to see some of your favorite memes, parley your favorite and tag @ParlerMemes for a chance to be featured on that account.