Parler Badges

By now, you may have noticed Parler applies various verification badges in different colors on certain Parler accounts. The Parler badges system was created to confirm the identity of individuals, influencers, corporations, and other entities. This is partially to ensure Parler citizens are interacting with a legitimate and verified account on the social media platform. There are different Parler badges available through the free speech social media app, all with varying requirements. Here’s what they all mean: 

Parler Gold Badge

Gold Badge – This badge indicates the account is owned by notable influencers, celebrities, journalists, media organizations, public officials, government entities, businesses, organizations, non-profits, or anything of-the-like. The Gold Badge is intended to protect well known public figures and organizations against impersonation. In order to qualify for this badge, the account must provide proof of existence to Parler through various means depending on the type of account. 

Parler Official Badge

Parler Official – Accounts with this badge are official Parler company accounts. 

Parler RSS Affiliate Badge

RSS – This badge indicates the account is populated by an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed. Accounts with an RSS badge may also include content posted by humans.

Parler Private Account Badge

Private – This badge indicates the user’s parleys are only visible to approved followers. Other users must submit a follow request, and the account owner can approve or deny them. 

Parler Employee Badge

Parler Employee – Parler employees can choose to have this badge on their personal accounts. All parleys are the individual’s and do not reflect Parler’s corporate positions. 

Parler Early Adopter Badge

Parler Early Adopter – This badge signifies an account was an early supporter of Parler and joined in 2018. Any account opened in 2018 can request this badge. 

Parler Red Verified Badge

Red Badge – This badge means an account holder went through a verification process confirming they are a real person and not a bot. These are legacy badges for accounts who received the verification prior to January 10, 2021. At the moment, the Red Badge verification process is on hold for current Parler users. 

Understanding the badge types, their requirements, and varying qualifications can enhance the Parler user experience.