What Elon Means for Parler graphic

As of this week, Elon Musk has officially closed his deal of $44 billion to become the new owner of Twitter. After an arduous and drawn-out process full of lawsuits, rumors, and a narrow escape from a full-blown trial, Elon paid up. 

Last night, Musk closed the deal and subsequently began cleaning house and acting swiftly by firing the chief executive, chief financial officer, and more. Only time will tell what more Musk will make of his ambitious goals for the company – but one thing is for certain: 

It appears free speech isn’t so free after all. At least for Musk, it comes with a significant cost. In his attempt to make Twitter a freewheeling platform, he’s paid a significant price. 

At Parler, we have always believed that free speech is priceless and invaluable. Perhaps Musk might soon realize he could have saved his $44 billion and joined Parler, where free speech is actually free and where our users have experienced true freedom of expression since day one. 

While Parler welcomes a “new Twitter” as an ally in the fight to reclaim the internet for free thought and expression, we’re eager to see how things pan out. There is an unbelievable amount of work to be done. Nonetheless, we won’t let the recent change in Twitter leadership interrupt or squirrel us in the process of building a truly uncancelable ecosystem. 

Thank you for being a part of the Parler family. I promise you are a part of something real and necessary. 

George Farmer, CEO 


Parlement Technologies